Finance Trade

Finance Trade - is a trading encyclopedia of the technological and fundamental analysis. The project is focused on trading teaching on the exchange market via BO, FX, CFD

Finance Trade

Finance Trade - is an online portal combining lots of different trading schools. Some kind of a supermarket, where you can choose a school and trading manner for yourself.

Live chart

Live chart - is a tool which platform is realized on HTML5, not any Adobe Flash, that is why the graphic is as accurate and without any delays, as it's possible


Webinars on Finace Trade - is a guarantee of successful trading. It is important to understand trading is not immediate earning, but a hard work. Our teaching webinars will help you make your work more productive.

The traders

The traders of Finance Trade are your tutors that have been trading for many years. You can ask them any question you are interested in.


News will help you to keep up to date and get the most recent information about the market, including the newest strategies and the data about the financial and economic situation.