Turbo options: the best strategy

Perhaps it is precisely turbo options that cause beginners to have an irrepressible, burning desire to squander their money. And it is not surprising – after all, this is the shortest way to get a successful or failed deal. Turbo options are binary options with a short expiration time, usually […]


Trading binary options: 5 interesting strategies

Grandma trades pies, and we – binary options. Hmm, why, strictly speaking, is “trade”, if it is a trading where experienced guys simply take the money of losers? Yes, because binary options, as I do not get tired to explain, are: technical analysis simulator; an excellent means to earn first […]


Rainbow Strategy

The first indicator that every newcomer faces is, of course, the moving average, MA. If the whole price is Itself so capricious, then what will best show the temperature in a hospital, if not an average figure? Not surprisingly, it is the sliding that underlies the vast majority of various […]


Guppy’s Strategy for Binary Options

Most of the indicators and strategies that are used in binary options, one way or another based on the moving average, it is the MA – Moving Average. In one form or another, this indicator is used by almost all traders. There are many techniques for their application, but the […]


The simplest trend strategy with trend lines

Trend is our everything. It is thanks to the trends that we earn in binary options and that is why the art of their discovery is the main thing that is required for a successful trader. As a rule, inexperienced traders add dozens of indicators to a live chart, hoping […]


Speed Resistance Lines

It would seem that with trend lines it is difficult to come up with something new other than what is already there. You connect one peak with another and there you are: the king of the district and at the same time your favorite classmate! However, a long time ago […]